Engine Performance

engine performance

Even if your kids call your vehicle the “Mom Mobile,” you still need regular servicing to ensure your engine performance is what it should be. Gulf Breeze Automotive employs ASE-Master Certified Technicians who understand how an engine should perform, no matter what engine type it is. This is why we offer our customers the best engine performance services in all of Gulf Breeze FL.

Drivability Diagnosis

Your dashboard warning lights are powered literally by the vehicle’s electrical system and figuratively by the vehicle’s onboard computer. The onboard computer is your car’s R2-D2, and it performs a pre-check when you first turn your engine on and constantly monitors the vehicle’s systems while in motion. Should a dashboard warning light come on, something’s wrong and we can diagnose the issue by determining the error code and its meaning.

Fuel Injection Service

Even if you purchase premium gasoline from a provider that advertises the fuel cleans the engine, you will still have carbon deposited in your fuel injectors. Carbon deposits are a natural reaction to burning fuel, and as they build up inside your fuel injectors, they affect the engine performance. Our fuel injection service includes inspecting the injectors and entire fuel system, removing carbon deposits, and a fuel system flush.

Computer System Diagnosis

As mentioned above, most vehicles have an onboard computer that operates and monitors all vehicular systems. We’re not ashamed to admit that this makes our jobs much easier. A computer system diagnosis means we plug into your vehicle’s onboard computer and run a series of tests. We then print a report that shows us the results of the tests and any error codes associated with an issue that needs maintenance or repair.

Emissions Diagnosis

Your vehicle’s emissions system is comprised of numerous parts that perform the crucial job of reducing the dangerous gasses your engine emits when operating. The parts include your catalytic converter, exhaust manifold, muffler, and oxygen sensor. If your vehicle failed a smog check or you’ve noticed strange smells, noises, or smoke coming from anywhere in the vehicle and/or the tailpipe(s), bring it in for an emission diagnosis. We’ll isolate the issue and repair it.

Engine Performance at its Best

Gulf Breeze Automotive in Gulf Breeze, FL, will keep your vehicle’s engine performing at its best. If you want to soup your vehicle’s performance up a bit, we can help you with that, too. Call us today to discuss the concerns you have about how your automobile’s engine is performing. We’ll answer your questions and set up an appointment for you to come in.


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