Comfort System

comfort system

There’s a reason why your vehicle’s heating and air-conditioning system is called its “comfort” system and that is because it keeps you comfortable. If you have ever driven an automobile without AC in the middle of summer in Gulf Breeze, FL, you know what misery is. Gulf Breeze Automotive staffs ASE-Certified Master Technicians ready to ensure your vehicle’s AC system keeps you comfortable.


Today’s automobile is more automated than ever, and your car, truck, or crossover/SUV comes with an onboard computer. The computer monitors and operates all vehicle systems, which means if something goes awry with your heater or AC, it will make note of it. We have the state-of-the-art diagnostic equipment to connect to your vehicle’s onboard computer and receive a comfort system report that tells us what failure, if any, occurred.

We’ll also inspect your heater and/or AC ourselves. We know how these systems are built and the parts that make up the heater and AC. We don’t rely on computers alone, as they can return false results – although this is rare. Rather, we use both our diagnostic equipment and our expertise to inspect your comfort system and diagnose any problem. Once we’ve discovered the issue, we’ll discuss it with you and recommend the necessary repairs.

Air Conditioning Service

Every spring, we recommend AC servicing. This gives us the opportunity to inspect the AC and make certain it’s ready for its’ summer job. During our AC inspection and service, we’ll check the thermostat, electrical connections, lubricate moving parts, make certain the condensate drain line is clear, inspect your system controls, and change the air filter.

AC Compressors

Part of your AC system is the AC compressor, and it can break down if your coolant breaks down. Replacing the AC compressor is an expensive repair, which is why we recommend the regular service mentioned above. The sooner we isolate an issue within the compressor, the sooner we can resolve the issue, which means we might be able to save the compressor.

Blower Motor

If you turn your AC or heater on and nothing happens, you likely have a blower motor on the fritz. If you do have airflow but its weak, you might have mold or mildew accumulation in the evaporator core (yuck!), a loose hose, or broken down core seals. Bring your vehicle in and let us take a look. If it is the blower motor, we can replace it.

Heater Core

Even though we have mild winters in Florida, there are times you want to crank up the heater inside your car. If you turn up the heat and you notice you still have cold air blowing through the vents, you might have heater core trouble. Other signs include smelling coolant inside your automobile, fogging windows, coolant leaks under your dashboard, and an overheating engine.

Comfort System Maintenance and Repair

We are Gulf Breeze Automotive and we are located in Gulf Breeze, FL. We service and repair domestic and foreign automobile comfort systems, so call us today.


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