Brake System

brake repair

You rely on your brakes to keep you safe while you’re driving. We service and repair all brake system types. Gulf Breeze Automotive considers ourselves brake system experts, and it doesn’t matter whether you drive a domestic or import automobile. We have the latest equipment and our ASE-Certified Master Technicians are ready to inspect, repair, or replace your brakes. Get the best brake service in all of Gulf Breeze today!

Inspection and Diagnosis

First things first. When you bring your vehicle into our shop for a brake inspection we’ll look at everything with a keen eye. We’ll check the brake lines and hoses for leaks or other failures, the brake fluid level and cleanliness, the brake assemblies – it doesn’t matter if they’re disc or drum – for part issues, and the brake pedal for performance.

ABS Diagnosis

If you drive a vehicle with an anti-lock brake system, we’ll check the system’s performance, too. We have computer diagnostic equipment that hooks into your automobile’s onboard computer to run tests and return any ABS issues. We are experts in ABS brake systems, so if your ABS dashboard warning light comes on, bring your vehicle into our shop right away.

Disc and Drum Service

Most vehicles today are equipped with both disc and drum brakes. The disc brakes are on the front wheels with the drum brakes stopping the rear wheels. Common issues with disc brakes include uneven pad wear and plate or rotor damage. Common issues with drum brakes include uneven shoe wear and drum corrosion. Let us inspect your brake system regularly to avoid unsafe driving conditions and costly brake system replacement.

Master Cylinder Repair

Your brake system master cylinder is a crucial component within the system. The master cylinder forces the brake fluid through the calipers/wheel cylinders to engage the brakes and stop the vehicle. Signs your master cylinder might be in need of some TLC include your brake dashboard warning light, brake fluid leaks, an unresponsive or “spongy” brake pedal, and dirty brake fluid. If your brake pedal feels different when you step on it, come in right away.

Gulf Breeze, FL, Brake Experts

Gulf Breeze Automotive works on American, Asian, and European automobiles so chances are, we can fix your brakes. Our Gulf Breeze, FL, shop is located on Gulf Breeze Parkway, so give us a call today to set up an appointment for a brake inspection, service, and if necessary, repair. We are happy to discuss with you the finding of our inspection in detail and our recommended course of action.


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